This is the description of PA5200DD-3

Direct drive high speed lockstitch sewing machine with side cutter PA5200DD-3

This machine has direct drive servo motor friven, low noise, slight vibration, low power comsumption, high efficiency.

With automatic needle position, automatic thread trimmer, automatic reverse stitch function.

Round knife cutting, performance stable, uniform cut ensure a good cutting effect, simple sound, stop motion, ensuring process stability.

Be suitable for sewing shirts, suits or similar clothing, especially its collar, the front parts.

Feed mechanism in a unique, high speed inverted feeding needles sews from maintainning exactly the same.

Side cutter make sewing and repair tool precesses all at once, and improve the working efficiency.

There are aso several needle plate to be chosen.


Suitable material thin material, medium heavy material
Needle DBX1 9#-18#
Stitch width 0-5mm
Needle quantity 1
Thread quantity 1
Height of presser foot 5.5-15mm
Sewing speed 5000rpm
Hook standard
Differential ratio Yes
HS code 845229

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