This is the description of PA246
Designed for stitching tubular and curved work;
Suitable for sewing caps, cushions, boots, shoes, bags, shoes, luggage, travelware accessories, etc;
Suitable for sewing various cylinder type & curved materials, which include purses, bags, sofa,shoes, small leather products, etc.;
High precision unison feeding mechanism will promises a beautifully and smoothly sew shoes with easier operation to achieve high quality products;
Cylinder type head cover is only 50mm which can sew cylinder type materials easily. New seam adjusting device with precise setting, which can easily adjust the seam distance between forward sewing and backtrack stitches. Besides, backtracking device is easy to operate too;
The regulator can be easily to adjust the presser foot from top to bottom without any other tools;
Equipped with double capacity revolveing hook to reduce number of thread changes and to raise sewing efficiency.
Needle DPx17
Needle quantity 1
Height of presser foot 13mm
Sewing speed 2200rpm
HS code 845229

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