This is the description of PA008-13032P
PA008-04085P4 needles, basic, 1/3", 8.5mm
PA008-04A32P4 needles, basic,1/4"-1"-1/4", 6.4-25.4-6.4mm
PA008-06064P6 needles, basic, 1/4", 6.4mm
PA008-08048P8 needles,basic, 1/4", 4.8mm
PA008-12064P12 needles,basic, 1/4", 6.4mm
PA008-13032P13 needles, basic, free guage, 1/8", 3.2mm
PA008-18064P18 needles,basic, 1/4", 6.4mm
Needle UOx113 11-14#
Needle quantity 13
Thread quantity 26
Height of presser foot 12mm
Sewing speed 4500rpm
Needle guage 1/8"
HS code 845229

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