This is the description of HD-680C Intelligent type needle detector
○The auto-compensation,gain,high-precision sensor is adopted to make the detecting ability stronger and detection more reliable,ensuring no-blind zone in the detext channel.The design of strong magnetic loop makes the anti-jamming effect better.
○ The digital monitor,can show passing number,not qualified number and total number.
○When the needle detactor doesn’t detect the garments for some time,it will be stopped working by the auto energy-saving technology
○Clothes are detected along the x-axis and the y-axis bu the use of LED broken needle position indicator so that the position of the broken needle can be identified in time.
○The protective device against side running of automatic conveyor belt prevents the conveyor belt from running deviation.
○The fail-safe function for improper operation makes operation more standardized.
○ Detecting method:magnetic induction
○ Detecting width:600MM
○ Detecting height:100MM
○ Alarm method:buzzer
○ Belt speed:(Appr.)40m/min
○ Power supply:AC220V,50HZ or AC110V,60HZ
○ Rated output:90W
○ Temperature:0-40℃
○ Dimension:1540×940×960(MM)
○ Weight:240kg
○ Option:Alarming lamp,printer,administration authority


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